Happy Birthday George Washington!

Today is George Washington's birthday. To honor him on this day, we have decided to launch our second video series: The Statesmanship Series. This video series will be much like our last series, where we follow a certain thread or theme. Throughout this series we will focus on what it means to be a statesman in America.

We thought that there was no better day that Washington's Birthday, and no better event than the Newburgh Address to begin a discussion of American statesmanship. Here is our video:

After watching the video, what do you think? Here are some study questions: - Was Washington a statesman, or should he have followed the majority of the soldiers who sought to combat the inefficacy of the confederal government?

- Did Washington lay the foundation for a strong and overbearing federal government, or was he right in urging moderation and forbearance?

- Was Washington courageous or foolhardy for walking into a potential mutiny on the Ides of March?

- Mr. Postell claims that the Newburgh Address was perhaps the most important speech in American history-- Is he wrong, or was Washington's speech actually that important? Please comment below to keep the conversation going so we can honor George Washington! We look forward to hearing from you! Like what we do at the Center for Liberty and Learning? Donate here to preserve liberty and promote education!

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